The casino experience can be fun for anyone, but it’s a special thrill for high rollers. High rollers consistently put large sums of money on the line when they gamble. In the United States, a high roller’s bet limit will usually range from $150,000 to $300,000.

To show them how much they’re appreciated, casinos usually admit high rollers into VIP — Very Important Person — clubs. The benefits of VIP club membership are extensive. They can include gigantic, lavish suites, free limousine rides, and massive amounts of credit to ensure they keep gaming.

You don’t have to be a high roller to gain entry into a casino club, however. For instance, a frequent gamblers club is one that is open to repeat customers no matter how much money they tend to put at risk. Sometimes these clubs are even open to first-time gamblers who are staying overnight at a particular casino.

Your best bet, so to speak, would be to go to the customer service desk at a casino you frequent or a casino where you’re staying as a hotel guest and inquire what you need to do to earn membership in such a club. You’ll most likely be required to complete a simple form and show a piece of photo identification in exchange for a membership card.

Then, every time you gamble at the casino games online, you can give that card to a dealer or insert it into a machine in order to earn more points on that card. Rewards for frequent gamblers might include coupons for the buffet or a free night’s stay. And cash casino bonuses are not out of the question. A player’s club is similar to a frequent gamblers club; some gamblers use these terms interchangeably.

All you have to do when you enter a casino is find the players club station and request a free card. You do not necessarily have to be a hotel guest or frequent patron to acquire such a card. If you can’t find such a station, go to the casino’s promotions booth. Once you’re issued your card, you’ll insert that card into every gambling machine that you use at that casino.

You’ll then be eligible for a series of rewards for your efforts. Prizes might include food, merchandise, free usage of machines, and tickets to a show. Be aware that as you go around using your card, the casino will track you electronically and might maintain data about your gambling preferences. As an historical aside, the first players club at a casino appeared in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the early 1980s.